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Houston Area Comprehensive 
HIV Prevention and Care Services Plan
for 2012 through 2014

Capturing the community’s vision for an ideal system of HIV prevention and care for the Houston Area


The Houston Area Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Care Services Plan (2012 – 2014) includes four Strategies that outline the specific activities that will be conducted over the next three years in order to make progress toward an ideal system of HIV prevention and care. 

Strategy for Prevention and Early Identification of People Living with HIV/AIDS [3 pages] [267 KB]

Strategy to Fill Gaps in Care and Reach the Out-of-Care [2 pages] [263 KB]

Strategy to Address the Needs of Special Populations [2 pages] [215 KB]

Strategy to Improve Coordination of Effort and Prepare for Health Care System Changes [4 pages] [263 KB]

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